Welcome to medica…the healing arts’ blog

Welcome to our space to discuss the topics important to you.  This past year has brought many changes to our facility and the services we offer.  Besides therapeutic massage, we offer sessions of gua sha, shiatsu, reflexology, hypnosis, LaStone, hot stone, reiki, energy and chakra healing.  Breath work, yoga and soul memory work sessions are offered throughout the week and … Read More

Hypnosis is back

Two weeks ago, Rich and I spent seven days, 11 hours each, obtaining my re-certification in hypnosis.  It was an intense and informative time!  I have learned so much more than I did during the last certification process!  I am aware of several more inductions and interventions that can help create change in everyone’s life.  There are so many misconceptions regarding hypnosis.  People … Read More