Skin Care for Winter – Why? How?

Taking care of your skin is very important during Autumn and Winter. Many of us we have spent a fair amount of time during Summer in the sun having fun and tanning. This does not help us as we enter into Winter. During the Summer when you tanned and created a healthy glow to your skin, you also created a … Read More

Hoola Hoop and be Fit

Autumn can be a fun time to get into shape.  In Autumn,  our schedules become more structured and predictable.  We can take some time in our week to focus on ourselves.  Going to workout, walking, meditating and care f or ourselves are all parts of our lives that can now be incorporated into our schedules. Staying active in Autumn is … Read More

Do You Know Your Blood Type?

Why is it important to know your blood type? Do you know your blood type?  Over the past three months we have surveyed clients asking if they knew their blood type.  Most of the clients did not. It used to be a standard practice of the medical community to keep your blood type on file.  Currently, if you wish to … Read More

The Autumn Diet

  During Autumn, you need to limit the accumulation of Fire in your diet. It is time to prepare the body for the colder, harsher months of Winter. In ayurvedic medicine, you are advised to change into  more warmer, moist, well-lubricated food selections.  Foods that are more spiced, sweet or sour in taste are also beneficial.  Fruits such as baked … Read More