Food is Fuel

It is a sad truth to state.  We are more concerned about the fuel we put int our cars than the food we put into our bodies. Food is fuel. It’s that simple. Food is not to make you feel better, happier, less lonely or more accepted. Food is fuel. That is all your body understands.  It would be as … Read More

Food Guidelines for Spring – just getting started

We are still experiencing the last weeks of Winter.   During the Winter months, we have a tendency to turn towards warm, comforting foods.  Stews with gravies, soups with potatoes,  pastas,  macaroni and cheese dishes or just cheese by itself. Our Winter foods tend to be heavy and sustaining. You may have made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight after … Read More

Spring – TCM’s Season of Wood and Evil Wind

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Spring is the season associated with wood.  I love this graphic of a eucalyptus tree in Maui.  A tree so full of color. Spring  is filled with yang energy.   Not just any yang energy, but youthful yang energy.  Yang energy that is explosive, expansive and boundless.  (Sounds like the sexual energy described in the previous post) … Read More

Spring, Sex, and All That Jazz

Towards the end of Winter, the darkness begins to fade.  Light returns and fills our days with more energy.  As the days become longer, a change is triggered.  Everything begins to come back to life.  We can witness it all around us.  The smell of the air changes, trees blossom, leaf buds appear, grass begins to grow and song birds … Read More

Spring Is Just Around The Corner

  Spring is the season to reconnect with your body.  It is a time to work on your relationship with your physical Self. But, let’s back up for just one minute.   Before we move into everything about Spring.  Before we begin to discuss how to come “alive”.   I want to take a moment and tell you about something that … Read More