Indian Summer seeks balance

Before we enter into Fall, there is always this wonderful season known as Indian Summer.  Indian Summer arrives during the first few weeks of Fall. In ancient healing systems, it is considered a season of its own. It is known as The Fulcrum of the Year.  It is considered a time of perfect balance, It is when the Fire energy … Read More

Fall is the season of the MIND

Fall is the season that shouts “Wake Up” to our minds.  It is time for us to put down the playful things of Summer and get back to work.  In Spring,  you started to dream about your desires, your plans and what a new beginning would bring.  However, during the Summer, we look to have fun in the Sun.  This … Read More

Falling in Love with Fall, 2014

We know it the moment we step outside.  The air is somehow different.  The crisp breeze cuts through the trees and we can feel the Shift. The full days of Summer are passing and there is a sharpness to our surroundings.  We may regret the passing of those “lazy, hazy days” of Summer.  But still, there is something very exhilarating … Read More