Fall Food Intake

Fall food intake is focused on eliminating any further accumulation of Fire energy from Summer and to prepare the Body for the leaner, harsher months of Winter. This often turns our attention to warm, moist foods that contrast in tastes.  A good example of these are stews, soups, and casseroles.   This food supplies a variety of tastes and textures. The … Read More

Fall spices

Fall is a great time to incorporate spices into our lives.  Most of us use spices without thinking about their medicinal application or changing them from season to season.  We usually just follow what a recipe says to add. The are many different spices that have remarkable health-giving benefits.  By adding them to your food, you give yourself a chance … Read More

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) teaches us about Fall

                Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) sees Fall as the time when the energy of Earth transforms into Metal.  It considers the time of Indian Summer a separate season. Indian Summer and Fall are times when Energy is starting to withdraw or recede. TCM sees this as a time when  Energy is condensing or … Read More

Indian Summer seeks balance

Before we enter into Fall, there is always this wonderful season known as Indian Summer.  Indian Summer arrives during the first few weeks of Fall. In ancient healing systems, it is considered a season of its own. It is known as The Fulcrum of the Year.  It is considered a time of perfect balance, It is when the Fire energy … Read More

Fall is the season of the MIND

Fall is the season that shouts “Wake Up” to our minds.  It is time for us to put down the playful things of Summer and get back to work.  In Spring,  you started to dream about your desires, your plans and what a new beginning would bring.  However, during the Summer, we look to have fun in the Sun.  This … Read More

Falling in Love with Fall, 2014

We know it the moment we step outside.  The air is somehow different.  The crisp breeze cuts through the trees and we can feel the Shift. The full days of Summer are passing and there is a sharpness to our surroundings.  We may regret the passing of those “lazy, hazy days” of Summer.  But still, there is something very exhilarating … Read More

Welcome Summer, 2014

Summer is the most energetic phase of the year. Wood energy burns into the full yang of Fire, which grows and spreads.  This Fire energy is connected to the Heart.  Ancient healing systems teach us that Heart is the seat of emotions. It governs all emotions, but there is a heavy emphasis on love, joy, compassion, generosity, openness, and abundance. … Read More

Summer Skin Care

Summer is the time to be outside.  It is a time to enjoy warm breezes and plenty of sunshine.  We love to soak up Summertime warmth. Summer is not the time to neglect your skin or damage it with sunburn. Casual exposure to the sun has a moderate beneficial impact.  This includes the production of vitamin D by the body. … Read More

Wellness Expo – February was fantastic

Despite the harsh hold Winter was insisting upon, medica’s February Wellness Expo was light and breezy. Suggestions regarding detox and how to easily move through each season were presented. This first module was followed by a wonderful session of community yoga with Lizzie Hanulak. Most folks fear the word detox.  It makes them think of green powders, chalky shakes, tons … Read More

medica completes AMTA migraine training

AMTA class on “Helping Clients Manage Migraines” completed We have recently completed a course offered by the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) to further our ability to help clients who suffer from migraines. The course reviewed very specific considerations which are to be kept in mind while treating clients with migraines. This AMTA course provided an in-depth understanding to us … Read More