Last Minute Appointments

There are some Last Minute appointments available for Friday, 06 July and Saturday, 07 July. To schedule, click on the time your prefer. Rich has one hour massage appointments: Friday – 12:30 pm; 1:45 pm; 3:00 pm Saturday – 10:00 am; 12:45 pm; 2:00 pm Dr. Liz has acupuncture appointments: Saturday – 9:00 am 10:15 am You save $10 off … Read More

Mid-Summer — time to kick up the fun

      So here it is the Fourth of July.  It is super hot outside.  I’ve decided to look at some things in the office that have been needing some attention. Cleaning up email – check Look through journals – check  Download massage documents – check Make sure coaching class is set for the next two months – check  … Read More

License Arrives

Came home last night to a wonderful surprise! My PA License and Rich’s PA License had arrived! Thank you AMTA and ABMP for your help in our applications.  Thank you PA Board for a very smooth process. Licensed Massage Therapist — has a nice ring to it!!

2012 — A year of celebration

This year has just begun and already it is very exciting for medica. During 2012, I will be celebrating 20 years of massage therapy in Gibsonia, PA. I can still remember the day when my accountant came over to finalize some paperwork.  I noticed he was counting the ceiling tiles from back to front.  I was curious and asked,  “What … Read More

How medica was named

Oh good, you were curious about medica’s name!  Thanks for visiting.  It all is part of a dream I had.  There was a time about    20 years ago, where I knew all things in my life were about to change.  All for the good, and yet, some were creating apprehension in my being.  There were questions, many questions swirling around … Read More

Welcome to medica…the healing arts’ blog

Welcome to our space to discuss the topics important to you.  This past year has brought many changes to our facility and the services we offer.  Besides therapeutic massage, we offer sessions of gua sha, shiatsu, reflexology, hypnosis, LaStone, hot stone, reiki, energy and chakra healing.  Breath work, yoga and soul memory work sessions are offered throughout the week and … Read More

Hypnosis is back

Two weeks ago, Rich and I spent seven days, 11 hours each, obtaining my re-certification in hypnosis.  It was an intense and informative time!  I have learned so much more than I did during the last certification process!  I am aware of several more inductions and interventions that can help create change in everyone’s life.  There are so many misconceptions regarding hypnosis.  People … Read More